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RHWT's founder, Shane Waterman, started his first business at the age of just 18. In the forty years since, he started six more... and learned a LOT along the way.

Ever since joining the ranks of management in his mid-20's, Shane has been speaking to groups as diverse as staff members, entrepreneurs, retirees, special interest groups - in short, anyone who will listen!

He draws on his knowledge of history to make salient points about current business and social issues and shows that, very often, our ancestors faced the same problems as we do - they just didn't have all the 'goodies' we have today.

So how did THEY cope and succeed? 

Give Shane a microphone, an audience and 60 minutes and he'll show you!


History's Secret One-Man Marketing Machine:

In around an hour, he'll show your audience how one person became the most successful, highest earning individual IN THE WORLD  in his field by the time of his death, without ANY of the modern marketing tools we all too easily rely on and - in the process - created the basic rules of modern marketing ONE HUNDRED YEARS before the American Marketing Association was even formed! 

Who was he?

You've probably already guessed, but a closer investgation of just how one of Britain's greatest literary figures went about what he did in bringing his work to market is very much a lesson for today's entrepreneurs and SME's.


If you are an event organiser and would like to talk to Shane about speaking at your next event or dinner, please click here and send us some outline information on what you're looking for.

can't come to us? we'll come to you!

public and after dinner speaking by RHWT's Shane Waterman
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